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Crazy weather we are having here in Southern Ohio. The past couple of weeks we've gone from cold to very warm to downpours & hail, and then bright blue skies & calm. Gotta love spring! Next week, they are saying low to mid 40's. It's going to be hard to get used to jacket weather after being spoiled with the short sleeve weather!

My husband and 3 y.o. planted trees a few days ago: 1 apple & 1 peach. Hoping the apple tree will pollinate our other sad little apple tree out back. Would be wonderful to have apples and peaches to eat and make pies & jellies with. Grass seed has been planted as well. Looks like the garden will be next. Not sure what we will plant this year, but whatever it is, I hope I can get some canning done. Not that I *like* to can, because I don't. But, it sure is nice opening up a jar in the dead of winter and having fresh fruits and vegetables!


Melanie said...

I'm so jealous.....I'm itching to get to work on my garden but here in the Northwest it WONT STOP RAINING. I'm with you on the canning...hate the process, love the results!