Coupons, coupons, and more coupons

Ok, an update on my altered page protectors: my mother's sewing machine sewed through the plastic with no trouble at all and I am hoping to work on some when I visit her this weekend. Seconds to sew, versus 20 minutes just might make this doable! I will post pictures of my "finished" product hopefully by the beginning of next week.

Now, I am on the lookout for a Trapper-type binder, but not having very much luck finding one. I need to scout out a few couponing blogs to get some ideas as to where to purchase one. I got my hopes up when I was at Target today and I saw one on clearance, but when I saw "clearance" was $8, I set it down like it was on fire. I did get a .25 pack of graph paper on clearance, 1 FREE (after coupon) pack Shout travel wipes, and 2 FREE (after coupon) packs of Reach dental Floss. Not bad!

I also visited CVS today, to use a FREE candy/drink coupon and while I was there, I scanned my CVS Rewards card at the in-store scanner and received a 25% off entire purchase coupon. I picked up some bobby pins & a pack of pony tail holders (which were on clearance for 75% off), as well as a box of Necco malted milk balls and after my coupons, I only ended up paying for the bobby pins plus tax. While I was waiting in line, I noticed a GIGANTIC binder in the woman's cart in front of me. I cannot believe how many coupons she had! It kind of scared me. lol. Funny thing is, I can see myself getting to that point. When I see something on sale in a store ad that I need to purchase, I immediately go online to search for a coupon for it or look through my on-hand coupons. I am getting quite the collection. (I REALLY need something to store them in!).  It is SO addicting saving money (even if it is time consuming).

I paid .52 today at Walgreens for 3 bottles of Pediacare Fever Reliever, a hair brush, a highlighter, and 2 bottles of Coffee Mate creamer. I love coupons!!!

My Freebies so far this week. Not pictured are the ponytail holders.

Sorry this is sideways! This is a free Cosco stroller that I got for buying baby products at CVS this week. I still need to attach the front wheels.
 I think I am done shopping for the week and am looking forward to getting my sneak peak of Walgreens and CVS weekly ads for next week so I can match up coupons with sale items.

If you would like to get a Weekly Ad Sneak Peek at Walgreens, click HERE to sign up to receive it via email. Click HERE to sign up to receive the Weekly Ad for CVS, as well as other offers.

One site that I am crazy about, is Not only does he list current freebies & samples (AND updates to let you know when they have expired or are no longer good), he posts great coupon finds and lets you know where to download them! I'm constantly checking the site throughout the day. They can also be found on Facebook!