My Latest Couponing Project- Altered Page Protectors

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I recently started using coupons again. I stopped because it was getting so time consuming, and with 5 kids, time is not something I have in spades. But, money is not something I'm pulling in hand over fist either so I thought I'd give it another go.

One of my biggest issues, besides time, is organization. I really didn't have much of a system and I would sometimes forget some of my coupons. I am determined this time to do everything I can do to make it work FOR ME. I've seen people pushing their carts around with their huge binders filled with coupons, organized this way or that in baseball card sleeves, taking up the entire front of the cart. Most times, I have a 3 year old taking up the front of my cart, so taking a binder to the store is not going to work for me. I'm planning on trying to utilize a small photo album (such as the one pictured below) for that purpose and just changing out the coupons that I need for each trip. That will require me to adhere to my grocery list, which I often stray from.

Pioneer IP-60 Photo Album (holds 60 photos)

I am planning on using a binder system at home though and being home schoolers, I do have binders and page protector sleeves already on hand. I was unable to find baseball card protectors at our local Walmart or Target although Office Depot did have a pack of 10 for around $3.67. Personally, I don't think those would work for me. I print a lot of my coupons out at home and they are considerably bigger than a baseball card. I had an idea to alter some page protectors and once I can find a way to sew them on my sewing machine without it eating the plastic, I think they will work out quite nicely.

I started off by cutting just the top layer of plastic to create a bottom pocket. The envelope inside is to keep the blade from cutting through both layers. 

Next, I found the center, and with a dry erase marker, drew a straight line for a sewing guide.

Using a large needle and nylon thread, I sewed down the middle on my guide line.

Sewing done!

I used clear packing tape to secure the stitches, both on the front and the back.

I opened the bottom pocket and used the packing tape to tape the bottom of the top half to form two top pockets. 

The bottom pockets nicely hold the coupons that I print out from home while the 2 top pockets contain my MFG coupons.

This was my first attempt (notice the white thread that is NOT straight down the middle LOL). The bottom pocket holds the coupons that print out at the register, the top two contain store specific coupons and reward bucks. 

It took me about 20 minutes to alter each one but I am hoping to cut down considerably on the time it takes to make one by figuring out how to sew it on my machine. My mother suggested using masking tape, rather than the tissue paper I was trying to use, when sewing and then just ripping it off afterwards. I am also going to experiment with different thread types. I tried cotton quilting thread the first time on the machine, and then a leftover piece of clear nylon thread that I found in my sewing box. Really hoping I can make this work so I don't have to go out and *buy* supplies to help me save money!


Cynthia said...

So cool! I love this post :) I need to start using coupons like crazy just like I use to.

Oh wanted to also let you know I have some pretty cool giveaways going on right now :)