COSI Pictures

Besides an incident at the Polaris mall where I was accosted by an overly-pushy sales attendant at one of those mall kiosks, we had a great time in Columbus.

The following are pictures from COSI (Center of Science & Industry).

This is "E" either getting ready to shove off on the High Wire Unicycle, or him coming back in. Not sure now!
"E" in the middle of the High Wire. The 250lb weight hanging from the bottom is what keeps the unicycle on the wire.

I SO wished we lived closer than 2 hours away. I would take the two littles here several times a week. They had a ton of stuff to entertain babies & toddlers including an indoor jungle gym with slide, simulated play areas, riding toys, and more. It was wonderful!

The Progressive History Exhibit
This is my daughter's absolute favorite exhibit. I think she could live here. 

Hello! There really was somebody talking on the other end. Just a recording, but Mr. B thought it was pretty cool.

I would have added more captions, but for some reason, my pictures kept getting moved around when I typed the text. I also had a post started last night and accidentally deleted most of it. Ugh!

If you are visiting Columbus with your kids, you really should consider going to COSI.  For membership information, click HERE. They used to provide a discount to Homeschool teachers, and I think they still do, so make sure to ask about it if you are a homeschooler. 

They currently have a Gecko exhibit. My 3 y.o. LOVED it and we took many pictures. He had fun looking to see where each one was hiding. Click HERE to read more about it! 

If you are interested in doing a lapbook study, Download N Go is offering the following for grades K-4, for $7.95. I LOVE Download N Go!

The Toddler Play Area


aliveinspirit said...

M. had a lot of fun going with you all. I wish we lived closer to and I could afford to do museums again. We need to do an art museum visit together sometime!

Amanda said...

This looks like such a fun place to visit! I can't wait until my boys are old enough to enjoy these kind of places!

farmerboyk said...

I sure enjoyed it!
I LOVE the space simulator room, Specially the game in it where you have to land on earth without crashing!
Hope they add more simulators and all soon, and we go again!