Valentine's Day is Almost Here!

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My children have asked me if we are taking Monday off since, "it IS a holiday, Mom!"  I haven't decided yet if we will just do a few subjects, or none at all. That is one of the wonderful things about Homeschooling - setting one's own agenda. Learning opportunities are abundant in holiday activities, so I guess I won't feel too guilty if we are "slackers" for one day.  

Our Valentine's Day Plans:

Watching a couple of our movie favorites:
My oldest daughter adores all things Audrey!

Coloring this printable from
Hearts Printable Coloring Page from is
the perfect activity for my 3 year old who LOVES to color.

For more Valentine Pictures & Coloring Pages from, click HERE.

Making Valentine's Day cards like the ones below, shown on

Favorite Valentine's Day Crafts by Editors of Kaboose

Making Rolo stuffed Sugar Cookies. 

I was originally going to try the Milky Way Stuffed Sugar Cookies I commented about the other day from Making Memories With Your Kids blog, but when I mentioned that Erin (the blog owner) was going to try Rolos the next time, my son jumped at the suggestion and immediately located the Rolos. Now, I just need to locate my favorite Sugar Cookie recipe (which might be easier said than done). Good thing I have until Monday to find it!

Having a Tea Party

Although my son has balked at the idea (and he's 11, so who can blame him), I think that the rest of us will be sipping tea while he is gulping Hawaiian Punch. While at Meijer today, I ran across some Bigelow tea that I just had to try. 

White Chocolate Kisses & Sweetheart Cinnamon

Taking Pictures

My littlest one will be celebrating her very first Valentine's Day this Monday, so lots of pictures are in order. Who's to say WHEN I will actually get the pictures organized and put in scrapbooks, but at least I'll know I took some! The older 3 aren't very keen on posing for pictures so I'm glad I have the 2 little ones that will humor me. Sometimes, anyway. If they are in the mood to; and not hungry or sleepy. Hmmmmm....... LOL

Hugs & Kisses

My 3 y.o. gives the best hugs and the sweetest kisses. My littlest daughter enjoys giving the slobbery wet ones. I feel very blessed that they all are so affectionate with me. Now, if I could just get the older ones to be that way towards each other! I think it might be easier to bring about world peace. 

So, whatever your plans are for this Valentine's Day, I hope you enjoy it and I hope that you feel loved!