Are Those All Yours?


Looking forward to our overnight trip to Columbus with the kids but I can't help but be a bit stressed by the packing. There is so much to remember to bring for 6 people ranging in age from 10 months to my age (like I'm really going to admit to being 41). Oh, I just did, didn't I? I always feel like I'm forgetting something and I ALWAYS take too much stuff. There is never really any room for it all in the van either. Currently, half of the trunk is filled up with my Sit n' Stand stroller. Those things are big, but necessary, when one has a 10 month old and a 3 year old. I have to say I love it even if it does take up too much room.

Last time we went to COSI, we all got the nasty stomach bug and threw up for days on end. This time, I am going prepared. I have: a mini can of Lysol spray, a pack of Lysol wipes, a bottle of Clorox Anywhere Disinfectant, and hand sanitizer. Going overboard? Yes, probably, maybe. I much prefer being more than a bit anal than for 7 of us to pass the pukies around and around. I don't deal well with vomit. My dh was trained as a HazMat tech. I figure that can be HIS job!

We have a friend of the family going with us this time, which makes total kids on this trip 6. I am sure I will hear, "Are all those kids yours?", "You sure do have your hands full!", and "You do know how to stop that, don't you?". Just wondering how many times I will hear it. Gets old after a while and some people get a bit rude about it. Then, I run into people with families just as large, or larger, than mine and we laugh and joke because they get asked the same questions.

Got my coupons printed out for CPK and looking forward to maybe trying the Pesto Chicken Pizza or the Spicy Chicken Tinga Quesadillas. Not sure if I can convince the kids to veer away from their standard Cheese & Pepperoni though.

I do know that I will definitely be getting me some Cheesecake Factory cheesecake. Bought my gift card today at Kroger so I could use the points towards a gas discount! I love discounts!

Check back later this week and I'll tell you how our trip went. It will be an adventure I'm sure!


Dizzy C said...

Have a good "busman's holiday".
Mummies never really get a break when away, it is just waking up in a different bed :)

I dont think it is overboard to take disinfectant, so many nasty bugs around these days.


Cynthia said...

What a precious baby!! :)

Oh I am so hungry now... I want CPK... yum!! I love the bbq chicken pizza... yummy!!

Have fun on your trip :)