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I first heard of Violight on the Rachel Ray Show on a segment about germs. The spotlight then was on the Zapi, a cool egg-shaped toothbrush sanitizer said to kill 99.9% of germs within minutes. I was skeptical, even when the before and after lab results were shared with the audience. The results were just too amazing!

That segment led me to where I discovered they carry a full line of sanitizers, including the first ever Cell Phone Sanitizer , a Dental SPA that uses both UV light and Sonic waves to clean dentures to invisible braces, and a portable UV Wand that can be used to sanitize just about anything. I have to confess, I am somewhat of a germaphobe, so I was chomping at the bit at the opportunity to try out one of these products myself.

I was given my choice of item to review, and after much deliberation, I chose the Violight Countertop Sanitizer with Violight Travel Sanitizer (pictured below).
VIO100-500 $59.95

This system is very easy to use and requires little assembly. Once removed from packaging, I had to remove the top, lift out the drip cup and rinse with warm water & dry it, insert the UV bulb, and then reassemble and plug it in. Within a couple of minutes, it was ready to use.

We have several different types of toothbrushes, including an electric toothbrush, and they all fit into the sanitizer. It also doubles as a storage unit and the unique design keeps the toothbrushes from touching each other and prevents cross contamination.

I was worried about maintenance but learned that the only thing suggested is rinsing the drip cup out once a week. The germicidal UV bulb is rated to last 2000 hours and, depending on use, only needs replaced every one to two years. Each cycle lasts approximately 10 minutes (mine shut off after about 9 1/2 minutes) and the sanitizer has an auto-off feature as well as a safety cap that deactivates the light if it’s unlocked or removed.

Since this was a duo, I also received the Violight Personal/Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer that also included a free toothbrush.

This is a great item to have if you live in a dorm, travel a lot, or to keep at the office. The light activates as soon as the lid is closed and each cycle takes about 6 minutes. This doubles as toothbrush storage as well and has a removable drip tray. Two AA batteries are required so if you are giving this as a gift, make sure to include the batteries as well!

I was very pleased with the results of both sanitizers. Although I wasn’t able to see for myself actual scientific lab results, I could tell the difference in my toothbrush. While I could still taste a hint of mint from our toothpaste, the toothbrush felt and tasted like a new brush each time I used it. I am convinced that this system works and I highly recommend it to others.

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Violight is a sponsor for our Holiday Gift Guide and will be providing the Violight Countertop Sanitizer with Violight Travel Sanitizer for our Christmas Cheer Giveaway which will run November 21 to December 5th.

All opinions expressed are my own. I received the free product stated in order to write this review.


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