JUMBiES Review & Giveaway Coming Soon!

JUMBiES are JUMBLED Babies. The storks were so busy delivering baby animals that they started crashing into each other and JUMBLED up all the animals...so a Duck and a Monkey become a Duckey and a Dingo and Bat a Dingbat!!!

I have been given the opportunity to receive my own JUMBiES to review! The stork won't be bringing mine though, the mailman will. I am not sure which baby will be delivered but I am sure no matter which one it is, it will be fun & lovable. (I am secretly hoping that it will be Zumbo the Zelephant, which as you can probably guess is a Zebra Elephant!)

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JUMBiES has also agreed to sponsor our Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaway taking place November 21 to December 5th. Make sure you check back later & enter to win!