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I was recently given the opportunity to try out the Bryton Pick, a reusable boomerang shaped interdental cleaner with flexible stainless steel cleaning edges. I was a bit skeptical when I first looked at it and wondered how the cleaning edges would fit between my teeth without hurting my gums. Once I removed it from the handy carry pouch and tried it out, I was impressed with it's overall performance. The shape and size make it easy to hold and maneuver on both top and bottom teeth and the edges are very gentle on gums. The only problem that I experienced with the pick was getting it between some of my back teeth which are positioned very close together. Packaging does state, "Tight dental contacts require more care to insert", but I was unable to insert it at all.

What I love about the Bryton Pick is that it's great for on the go. The packaging includes the tear off carry pouch that is a bit smaller than the size of a credit card and fits great in a wallet, purse, pocket, lunchbox, or just about anywhere. How many times have you been eating popcorn while at the movie theater and gotten some stuck in your teeth? It's not only annoying, but painful. Use the Bryton Pick, and you can take care of it right there without even missing any of the movie! How often do you get food stuck in your teeth when eating out? Some restaurants may have toothpicks handy, but the sharp pointy ends are certainly not gum-friendly. The compact style and design of the Bryton Pick solves that problem too because you really can take it anywhere. The stainless steel cleaning edges are considered germ-resistant and very easy to clean with a napkin, tissue, or hot water. I also love all the fun, bright colors the pick is available in.

The Bryton Picks are intended for use by ages 10 and up, are reusable for up to 30 days, and can also be used with braces.

Bryton Pick can be purchased online at Bryton Pick or at any of these retail locations:

For great tips and information on flossing and dental care, visit the Bryton Pick blog at Know Floss .

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