Thank Goodness It's Friday! Uhhh...I mean Thursday.

Ready for this homeschool week to be over and done with. Two of my three older kids are having a hard time getting back in the groove and have had more than a little attitude this week. Hoping we will all be a bit more "with it" next week.

Woke up to a horrible sinus headache after an early morning rain. That's Southern Ohio for you. If you have sinus trouble, don't even think about moving here!  Sometimes, if I catch them early enough, taking garlic tablets makes them go away. Didn't catch this one early enough so it looks like Sudafed and caffeine are in order. I don't like taking Sudafed because I have Hypothyroidism and it makes my heart race. So, I only take it when I absolutely must. Seeing as my head is feeling like a lead balloon and it's not even 11 a.m. yet, I'd say it's a must. Also not too crazy about the caffeine since I am nursing but luckily, not much seems to bother my little nurser. Still.....

Today is the last day of Blogmania. I've entered to win some really awesome prizes. I always used to say that I never win anything but I recently won a gift basket from La Bella Gift Basket so I guess I can't say that any more! Can't wait to receive it! Thank you Angela. :)  My cousin's blog Health, Beauty, Children & Family is offering some great Blogmania prizes. I encourage you to visit her and enter to win. I did!


Angela said...

I actually make a mint honey garlic tea when I'm really sick. Garlic cures almost anything! I take it for bad colds, breaks down congestion better than any OTC drug.

Your LBB Gift basket will soon be on it's way! You really won

My So Called Homeschool Life said...

I have some mint tea. Wonder if I can add a bit of garlic (I think I have some in capsule form) and some honey. I LOVE our honey. We harvested it from our honey bees and it is very, very sweet! Gonna try it as the sudafed and motrin did nothing for my headache. Of course, blogmania hasn't helped. I hope I win a massage. My neck and hands hurt. LOL

Thanks again! I'll be sure to let you know when it arrives!

Angela said...

You have a bee hive?! My friend and I love all things bees and honey. Do you make have any honey products for sale?

I put the mint tea, garlic clove in boiling water and then add honey. Breath the steam and drink. The taste isn't the greatest, but it does make you feel better.

You have honey bees!

My So Called Homeschool Life said...

Yeah, we sure do! We did have 3 hives with 2 or 3 boxes but we had a couple of them swarm. This is our 3rd year with them. We harvested honey the first fall and it is WONDERFUL! So very sweet. I just love it. We left them alone last fall but I think my husband is going to try to harvest some honey here soon. I hope so anyway. We have thought about making products to sell, but that's as far as it's gotten. Our hives are near our garden, which is organic. I don't know if that has anything to do with the taste of the honey or not but it sure is better than what I've bought in the store.

I wonder if I can just orally take a garlic capsule and then drink the mint tea with honey? LOL I'm not one for nasty tasting drinks. I gag gargling with salt water. :)

Victoria's Voice said...

So far I have won a James Patterson book from the Book Buff. I work with a lady and everyday she comes in with a new win. I am happy with my book. :)

I am your newest follower from MBC. Thank you for stopping by Victoria's Voice and following me.

Have a great evening!

Makeupthoughts said...


Thanks for stopping by am now following you back :)))