One Lovely Blog Award Winner!


Wow!  Jen at A Walk on The Sunny Side  honored me with the "One Lovely Blog Award"  today.  I was more than a bit surprised to receive this award. Thank you Jen! She has a great uplifting blog with a lot of humor thrown in for good measure. She says it best herself when she says that her blog "is a daily reminder to be happy". Please stop by and check it out. I am delighted to be following her blog!

To accept this award I have to link back to the person that gave me this award and then pay it forward to ten other bloggers whom I've newly discovered and contact them about the award. Here they are!

Meant to be Mama

Improve Your Beauty

Something Old to Something New

Korean American Mommy

Mommyhood Next Right

Mumble Bee

Life with Jessica

Four to One Odds

Tales of the Wife

Little Bishop Chronicles

Thank you Jen!


four to one odds said...

hey hun this is linsay at four2oneodds how do i get this award? never gotten one before so im kinda new at this! oh and thanks by the way!

My So Called Homeschool Life said...

You're welcome! It was new to me too! I've only had my blog for 3 weeks. haha I right clicked on the picture and saved it to my computer. Then I started a new post and added the pic, wrote a little thank you with the link to the person who gave me the award, and copy and pasted the last paragraph about what to do. Then, I found 10 blogs that I liked and added their names w/ links to their sites. After that, leave a comment for the 10 blogs that they need to come to your site to get their award. I really like your blog! Hope this helps!