Monday, Monday......UGH

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Today is not a good day for school or anything else. We started school a couple of weeks ago and are slowly (I reiterate the sloooooowwwly part) working our way into full-swing lessons. I wanted the kids to work on some Math, Spelling/Grammar, and Science today but apparently our computers had other ideas. We currently have 4 working computers in our house. Why is it that the software I wanted to use for lessons today will not work on any of them? They worked fine previously. Murphy's law is in fine form today. Can I say death to Murphy? Making matters worse is the fact that I have Bipolar Disorder and symptoms are manifesting themselves in every way possible today. Can it please be Tuesday already???


Jessica ♥ said...

How about Friday??

Susieqtpies said...

Happy Follow Friday! I'm on the Blog hop! I'm your newest blog follower.

We homeschool, too! Some days are like that! Don't beat yourself up over it! Just switch gears and do something unexpected! You can do it!

Stop in! I do a Wednesday Homeschool and Education link up!