The First Pancake

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I am the type of person who cooks from scratch whenever possible. Tonight, however, not only did I not feel like cooking supper, I didn't feel like doing it from scratch either. So, I went to my pantry and got out a bag of organic multi-grain pancake & waffle mix that I got on clearance at the grocery store. The back of the package suggested adding vanilla, cinnamon, & walnuts to make it even tastier. Maybe that should have been my first clue? Cooked a batch, tasted one, and I swear, they tasted like cornbread. Who wants to eat syrup covered cornbread??? Ok, well, maybe somebody. Just not me.  I just knew that the picky eaters in my family would concur. However, I was.........WRONG. Who? Me? Each one doused the pancakes in homemade strawberry syrup, ate them, and never said a word. Believe me, that is nothing short of a miracle in this house! I knew I was pushing it with the strawberry syrup too since I made it with honey (from our own bees) rather than sugar. Wow! Wrong again. Even had one asking for seconds. I guess it's true, "wonders never cease"!


Amanda said...

I don't know about strawberry syrup, but I think cornbread with maple syrup sounds awesome!

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